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Entrepreneur Coaching

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Entrepreneur Coaching

As your entrepreneur coach, I may provide objective, unbiased feedback, to act as a facilitator so that you can figure it out for yourself, to help you who are trying to do too much, and guide you towards what you would really like to be doing, and what gives you the most satisfaction, help you prioritize, help you to find balance in your busy life.

As your coach, I am willing to listen and provide honest, sometimes blunt feedback. To inspire you to greatness by gentle persuasion, constant encouragement, or a kind of in-your-face inducement. People use coaches for the same reason that they use sports coaches or personal trainers: they want someone to work with them, to encourage them, to push them.

As your coach, I can inspire you, motivate you to succeed, to become the best that you can be, to move your life and career in a bold new direction. I am NOT a therapist, there is a difference between a therapist, a coach, and a consultant. I provide coaching and consulting services, NOT therapy services. Coaches start in the client’s present and work with them toward a better future.  To help people discover what's already inside of them. To bring out the best in them and to help them improve on the good.

Coaching Services

Coaching here to buy now

Coaching here to buy now

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7.) Divine Purpose here to buy now

8.) Entrepreneur here to buy now

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14.) Personal Development here to buy now

15.) Personal Finance here to buy now

16.) Relationship here to buy now

17.) Retirement here to buy now

18.) Self-Esteem here to buy now

19.) Singles here to buy now

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21.) Success here to buy now

22.) Time Management here to buy now

23.) Weight Loss here to buy now

24.) Women’s Empowerment here to buy now

25.) Youth Career here to buy now

Coaching Services


Coaching Services

Coaching Services

$15.00 for COACHING ASSESSMENT AND INITIAL CONSULTATION and first session BY here to buy now

Coaching Services


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