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Newsletter, Issue #001 -- teaser here
January 07, 2020

Welcome to Tanner Diversified Services Corporation, we are a family of Christians offering a variety of services. Not all our services are Christian related, but they are offered by Christians and provided by Christians. All virtual services (by phone, text, email, postal) can be purchased online. The offline services (mobile, in-home, in-office) are offered as follow-up services (after assessment and or initial consultation/session). Prices range $2-$99 for virtual services and $15-$250 for offline services. (All Services By Appointment Only)

TANNER DIVERSIFIED SERVICES CORPORATION specializes in: JOB SEARCH MIAMI FLORIDA, Job Search, Employment Services, Search Services, Coaching Services, Christian Coaching, Christian Counseling, Christian Youth & Young Adult Mentoring (ages 10-34), Scripture Search, Christian Empowerment, Prayer Requests, Christian Assessment, Christian Parenting, Christian Pre-Marital Counseling, Christian Concierge, and Much More. www.tds-

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