TDSC - Tanner Diversified Services Corporation (786) 260-5108 specializes in: Christian Coaching, Christian Counseling, Christian Youth & Young Adult Mentoring (ages 10-34),
Scripture Search, Christian Empowerment, Prayer Requests, Christian Assessment, Christian Parenting, Christian Pre-Marital Counseling, Christian Concierge, and Much More.
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#  Departments           

VIRTUAL: By phone, text, email, online, postal

00   Customer Services         

01   Employment Services 

02   Product Services              

03   Gift Services                    

04   Financial Services            

05   Coaching Services           

06   Outreach Services           


MOBILE: in-home, delivery, mobile

07   Mobile Services       

08   Holiday Services              


LOCATION: in-office, venues

09   Youth Services              

10   Diversified Services     

11   Specialized Services      

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